Mike Oram

Web Developer


Find My Hospitality

A sporting hospitality comparison website I built partnered with a front-end developer. In order to create the advanced admin panel required to run this site I built an original custom CMS making this website 100% bespoke.

Bristol Favours

A local wedding favours shop decided to launch an online ecommerce site, it was so successful that the company is now an online only business. I provide on going support and email marketing for this fantastic company.

Travis Perkins

A client promotion site that provides Travis Perkins clients to earn rewards when they spend money with Travis Perkins. I developed a bespoke back-end system and worked with a front-end developer to integrate the system into their designs.

Kenya School of Swimming

A responsive wordpress site for a new swimming club in Kenya, using a self-built bespoke template and a variety of plugins this site provides news updates and information for club members and prospective swimmers alike.

Land Rover Evoque

During my time at EMO I lead the marketing campaign for the new LandRover Evoque, providing multiple dynamic emails, flash banners, fliers and microsite content. This was one of my favourite projects to work on with a great team and some even better cars!


This is the biggest site I have worked on to date, with over 3 million views per month during peak times CyclingNews required a lot of maintenance and optimization to ensure smooth running during high traffic periods. I also worked on a number of new features including social media integration.

Strato email

A bespoke email campaign for a German hosting company showcasing their new Secure web servers.